Who am I?

2014-06-09 04:55:37 by GhostLawyer

The fabric of time and space is but mere phantasmagorical jelly in my hands, yet to be molded. 

Hush now, my child. This is only the beginning.



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2014-06-09 05:00:57

That's all well and good, but you didn't answer the question!

(Updated ) GhostLawyer responds:

The answer is there, young champion. You must but only believe in the pertinence of the question, and the answer will suddenly unveil itself to you in a shower of fiery litigation.


2014-06-09 05:29:27

Why are so many musicians lawyers or have read law (or claim to have read law)..... crikey, this is a disturbing trend. I happen to be one myself o.O

(Updated ) GhostLawyer responds:

Is it really? Hahahaha I actually know nothing about law. It's fun to pretend though. I think lawyers and musicians fulfill starkly different roles. But, perhaps there can be some form of... hybrid species...


2014-06-09 16:01:45

Some musicians who are well-versed in law do self-represent in court, so it's not unheard of.

GhostLawyer responds:

Ahhh... you're totally right actually. There's so much red tape in the music industry I suppose knowing a bit of law can be extremely beneficial at times.


2014-06-09 16:44:12

With what I've studied (I trained to be a solicitor), I cannot self-represent: I can certainly do my own case research, bundles, paperwork, form-filling and correspondences, which is what solicitors do, but for the actual court cases, I'm going to need a barrister -- the person who fights in court.

The two are separate professions here in England, and have remained separate since... well, for centuries. But I suppose not everything's within my reach.

On a lighter note, let's be friends. I'll take a listen to some songs you've put up, and see what I may glean from them.

GhostLawyer responds:

I see--although I've never heard of separating those roles, I suppose those two jobs require very different skills so I can see why that would be the case in England. That's a shame you can't self-represent though.

And sure, I'm down! Thank you sir. I appreciate it.


2014-06-10 14:05:58

That's "ma'am", if you please. :P But no harm done!

GhostLawyer responds:

Oops haha my mistake! Well thank you very much, ma'am.